Cad Cam Machine


Orthema in the Next Generation of soft, full length CAD/CAM foot orthotic fabrication, now available in Lebanon at center singer for prosthetics & orthotics and at singer health foot . These systems are Swiss/German engineered and manufactured to the highest possible standards and represent cutting edge innovation and design.


Orthema CAD/CAM orthotics are fabricated from a fast and accurate 3D digital contour scan of the foot and any further prescriptive details are added via the advanced Orthowing software. A large array prescriptive  options can be customized to suit each clinician's individual style, biomechanical preferences or patient's symptomology.


The final orthotic device is milled via a range of industry leading Orthema CNC Milling Machines, capable of milling a pair of orthotics at once. Orthema orthotics are highly effective in treading the full range of podiatric conditions including heel pain, pes planus, chronic low back pain and postural complaints, sports injuries and other orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and rheumatological disorders. Orthema offers a large range of milling blocks including single and dual density and exclusive tri-density and cork, in a range of densities from 20 shore up to 50 shore hardness.


A pair  of custom orthotics can be milled within 15 minutes of completing the foot scan, making Orthema the most efficient system, ideal for  individual podiatric clinicans and group practices alike. The orthema CAD/ CAM foot orthotic fabriction system is ideal for podiatrists, orthotists, hospitals, orthopaedic, sports medicine clinics and other diciplines treading the foot and lower limb.



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